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I have officially entered the race for Riverside County Sheriff in 2018.

Riverside County deserves new leadership at the Sheriff's Department. Morale is low, resources have been mismanaged, and public confidence has eroded. With my 30 year professional law enforcement career, I'm prepared to modernize our department, inspire and encourage staff, protect taxpayers and take politics out of the Sheriff's Department.

I believe the incumbent’s unwillingness to work collaboratively with elected officials, stakeholder organizations, and others has made it impossible to adequately address the public safety challenges facing our deputies and the communities they serve. I have a proven track record of working collaboratively with law enforcement stakeholders to help protect public safety.

As Sheriff, I will keep our communities safe through the responsible use of tax dollars and by properly staffing our vital patrol stations to better serve all county residents.  When public safety is at stake, we can’t afford to continue playing political games!

I am also concerned about the erosion of respect for law enforcement. Our deputy sheriffs and police officers deserve our support and respect.  I will advocate for them rather than play politics with Sacramento.  Law enforcement is an honorable profession and I will work hard to make sure it stays that way.

The purpose of the Sheriff's Office is to  provide leadership within the law enforcement profession for the safety and security of the public – it isn’t a place to build political power for one individual. With a lifelong career in law enforcement and an unwavering commitment to public safety, I will focus all of my time and effort on keeping our communities safe, protecting taxpayer dollars, and ensuring that our front-line deputies and police officers have the support, resources and training they need to provide the highest level of service to our citizens. 


Chief Dave Brown