Riverside, CA - Chief Dave Brown, a candidate for Riverside County Sheriff, is calling on Sheriff Sniff to immediately make public the names and release dates of all prisoners he releases from the county jail.  “The Sheriff is threatening the safety of every person in this county by quietly releasing hundreds of prisoners early every month,” Brown said.  “The public has a right to know when the Sheriff releases dangerous criminals into our communities.” 

In a letter addressed to incumbent Sheriff Stanley Sniff regarding his lack of response to SB-54, the “Sanctuary State Law,” Chief Brown called on the Sheriff to follow the lead of Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens who recently announced she will publish the scheduled release dates of all county jail inmates.  “This information is vitally important to local, state and federal law enforcement officials,” Brown wrote. 

“Knowing who the Sheriff is releasing, and when, will allow federal law enforcement officials to take custody of dangerous undocumented criminals in a controlled environment.  It also limits the need for Immigration and Customs Enforcement authorities to search for and arrest these individuals in our neighborhoods,” he said. “This is good public policy and it make it safer for everyone.”

Chief Brown went on to say, “Crime victims also have a right to know when their perpetrators are being released early.” 

The incumbent Sheriff has released over 40,000 inmates early, before their sentences were served, since 2012.  Many of those early-release offenders continue to victimize our communities.  “This is about transparency and accountability.  If the Sheriff can’t figure out a way to keep bad guys in jail, then we have a right to know who he’s letting out and when they’re being released,” Brown said.

“I wholeheartedly agree with and applaud Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens for her leadership on this issue,” Brown said.  "As Sheriff of Riverside County, I will push back against any law that threatens public safety.  The current Sheriff is sitting on his hands when there are perfectly legal solutions to this dangerous Sanctuary State Law!  We need a Sheriff who will take action to keep us safe!"