The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department is in crisis!  As a colleague of the incumbent Sheriff for the past 10 years, I have observed him systematically and categorically destroy the effectiveness of a great organization.  This is evidenced by the fact that the Sheriff has lost the confidence of every police chief in the County (not a single Chief has endorsed his bid for re-election).  He has also lost the confidence of his own troops and his ongoing conflicts with the County Board of Supervisors are no secret .  I am gravely concerned for the safety of every person in Riverside County and especially for the brave deputy sheriff’s working hard to keep us safe in unsafe conditions.

I am uniquely qualified to restore the Riverside Sheriff’s Department.  I am the only candidate from outside the organization with years of proven executive leadership experience.  As a police chief, I have successfully implemented the cost-saving reforms desperately needed in RSO.  The issues plaguing the Department are far too deep to be resolved by internal candidates.  I will bring fresh leadership and ideas to a department in turmoil.  I will be able to objectively assess the talent within the organization and build a highly skilled leadership team from within the ranks of the Department.

All of my opponents have spent their careers in the Sheriff’s Department.  The revitalization of the Riverside Sheriff’s Department will absolutely require independent, proven leadership from the outside!



STAFFING CRISIS:  Sheriff Sniff’s failed leadership has led to a severe staffing crisis in his organization.  Experienced deputy sheriffs are fleeing the organization at alarming rates - as many as 30 per month.  There are now hundreds of vacant funded positions that the Sheriff can’t fill.  This is the result of the negative work environment and sour culture created by Sheriff Sniff…it’s NOT due to a lack of funding as the Sheriff would like us to believe.  Additionally, the reputation of RSO is suffering under the politically charged Sniff Administration making it extremely difficult to recruit and retain great employees.  The net result is a severely understaffed department causing excessive response times to emergency calls and dangerously low patrol staffing levels.

MY SOLUTION:  Independent, proven, positive leadership from outside the organization will immediately stop the bleeding of talented employees to other agencies.  Once we stabilize the staffing and repair the broken reputation, we will again begin to attract the best and brightest to RSO.  Furthermore, we will deploy more civilian Community Service Officers to handle non-emergency assignments at a much lower cost.  This will free up hundreds of deputy sheriffs from administrative assignments to patrol neighborhoods and fight crime.

JAIL OVERCROWDING:  The Sheriff has ignored the reality that Riverside County’s jail system is severely undersized.  He doesn’t keep even the most violent criminals in custody and off the streets.  While he has repeatedly complained about this - and released over 44,000 inmates EARLY, he has not identified a single solution, except to demand millions of tax dollars the County doesn't have.  So, we have a $340 million, 1,600 bed jail expansion nearing completion in the City of Indio and the Sheriff recently announced he has “no plan to open the new jail!”  This is unacceptable.

MY SOLUTION:  We will open the new Indio Jail in 4 phases.  We will accomplish this by retraining the 150+ personnel now working in the “old jail,” slated for demolition in September.  We will also increase the ratio of “correctional deputies” to “sworn deputies” in the jail.  This will save millions of taxpayer dollars and return more deputy sheriffs to patrol assignments where they can keep citizens safe.

FISCAL TURMOIL:  It’s no secret that the County of Riverside in the midst of a fiscal crisis.  The Sheriff continues to demand millions more tax dollars that we simply don’t have.  The County is on the verge of insolvency in large part because the sheriff has been demanding millions more precious tax dollars while refusing much needed reforms.  The Sheriff’s Department is decades behind the rest of the county in terms of technology and innovation.  The computer system in use by deputies is inefficient and wasteful.

MY SOLUTION:  I am no stranger to leading in difficult times.  During the Great Recession we saw revenues drop by over 30%.  Subsequently, I led an effort to leverage technology and civilian resources to greatly reduce the cost of policing.  I will do the same as Sheriff.  We will implement data-driven policing strategies and drastically increase the number of civilian personnel so that Deputy Sheriffs are free to patrol our neighborhoods, respond to 9-1-1 calls and keep us safe!


I am a strong proponent of the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.  As sheriff, I will ensure that every citizen has immediate access to the CCW process.  The incumbent sheriff claims to be a 2A supporter, but he requires a 2 YEAR WAIT before a citizen can get an interview for a CCW.  That’s simply outrageous.  As a police chief, I streamlined this process and implemented a public-private partnership giving citizens immediate access and rapid turnaround of permit applications.  I will do the same as Sheriff of Riverside County.


SB 54 is a serious threat to public safety in Riverside County because dangerous undocumented criminals are being released into our communities to commit more crimes.  There is a very simple solution.  I have repeatedly called upon Sheriff Sniff to publish a daily report of all inmates he plans to release from his custody.  This simple task would accomplish 2 things; First, it would inform law abiding citizens of the of the thousands of dangerous criminals he is releasing into our communities.  Second, it would allow Federal authorities to take custody of undocumented criminals before they are released into our neighborhoods. 

Sheriff Sniff’s policy of passively posting release dates, many times after the actual release, is endangering the public every day. 


Simply stated, KPMG would not have been necessary if Dave Brown was Sheriff of Riverside County!  The Board of Supervisors hired KPMG because Sheriff Sniff has repeatedly refused to identify and implement cost-saving measures within his department.  Sheriff Sniff’s stubborn “business-as-usual” approach has brought the County to its knees financially. 

As a police chief, I have already successfully implemented every “reform” identified by KPMG, and so have most police chiefs and sheriffs across the United States!  It’s called modern, 21st Century policing.  It’s not rocket science.  Every recommendation made by KPMG is valid and would save money.  I cannot imagine why the Sheriff would continue to resist logical best-practices that have been embraced by law enforcement leaders across the country, unless his ego won’t allow it?