We Support Dave Brown for Riverside County Sheriff

As Hemet Police Chief, Dave Brown has played an important role in ensuring the Gang Task Force has been effective in combating gang activity throughout the region. His experience as a gang investigator and proven leader, along with his willingness to work collaboratively with regional law enforcement agencies makes him the only safe choice for Sheriff in 2018.
— Former District Attorney Rod Pacheco

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Riverside County needs a Sheriff who will put public safety above politics, rebuild trust between the Sheriff’s Department, local officials and agencies, and embrace 21st century law enforcement strategies to make Riverside County safer for everyone.
— Supervisor Chuck Tavaglione, Chairman, Riverside County Board of Supervisors

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Chief Brown has demonstrated a lifelong commitment to public safety service and law enforcement leadership, and his reputation for professionalism, sound management and integrity is sorely needed in the Sheriff’s Department today.
— Supervisor Chuck Washington, Vice-Chairman, Riverside County Board of Supervisors

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In my conversations with Dave, it became very obvious to me that he is concerned about the well-being of the men and women of RSO. Dave has a great vision for restoring the morale and reputation of the Department. He recognizes the enormous talent within the ranks and he wants to promote and reward based on merit, not on political favor.
— Riverside County Sheriff Robert "Bob" Doyle (Ret.)

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Elected Officials

Mayor Pro-Tem Matt Liesemeyer

Former Mayor Robin Lowe

Former Mayor Lori Van Arsdale

School Board Member Stacey Bailey

Hemet Fire Chief Scott Brown


Hemet Mayor Linda Krupa

Hemet Mayor Pro-Tem Michael Perciful

Hemet Councilmember Bonnie Wright

Hemet Councilmember Karlee Meyer

Hemet Councilmember Russ Brown



Murrieta Police Officers Association

                               Hemet Police Officers Association

                               Hemet Police Management Association

Community Leaders

Connie Lynn Hall

Charlotte & Nick Jones

Elena & Dr. William Kern

Dr. Vidya Koka & Koka Lakshman

Robin Lowe

Lisa & Chuck Mattox

Mike McIntyre

Dan McLaughlin

Kym & Dan Leigh

Sreenivasa Nakka

Manolo Joel Ortiz

David Pedder

Richard Perry

Anil Rastogi

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Blaine Womer

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Mark Cooper

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