Open Letter from Sheriff Bob Doyle (Ret.)

Sheriff bob Doyle.jpg

To the men and women of the Riverside Sheriff's Department:

It's hard to believe so many years have passed but I still cherish my time serving with all of you.  I have been following the Department through good friends and social media and I am saddened by the decline in morale and working conditions.  It sure seems like things have hit rock bottom.

I would never have imagined a scenario serious enough to bring me back into the conversation, but watching my old friends and the Department I love being destroyed has convinced me to get involved.  After thoroughly evaluating the likely candidates for Sheriff in 2018, I have decided to endorse and support Police Chief Dave Brown for Sheriff.

Dave has always been a cop's cop.  He spent most of his career working the streets by choice.  His experience as a gang investigator, crime suppression sergeant, and SWAT commander provided the foundation for an outstanding career in executive leadership.

As a police chief, he has always maintained an excellent relationship with his troops and it shows in their unanimous support of him.  He has achieved great success in his 7 years as Hemet's Police Chief, including an unprecedented reduction in violent crime and the unwavering support of his community and Department.  These are the qualities you deserve in your next Sheriff!

In my conversations with Dave, it became very obvious to me that he is concerned about the well-being of the men and women of RSO.  Dave has a great vision for restoring the morale and reputation of the Department.  He recognizes the enormous talent within the ranks and he wants to promote and reward based on merit, not on political favor.

Please consider joining me in supporting Chief Dave Brown for Riverside County Sheriff in 2018.  Click the Endorsement link below to add your name to mine.  It’s time we stand up for the leadership you deserve.


Robert "Bob" Doyle,

Riverside County Sheriff-Coroner