Former District Attorney Rod Pacheco endorses Dave Brown for Sheriff


RIVERSIDE, CA – Former Riverside District Attorney and State Assemblyman Rod Pacheco has endorsed Dave Brown for Riverside County Sheriff.

“Many years ago, I worked to create and implement the Riverside County Gang Task Force (GTF), at the time the single greatest collaborative effort to fight gangs.” said Pacheco. “As Hemet Police Chief, Dave Brown has played an important role in ensuring the Gang Task Force has been effective in combatting gang activity throughout the region. His experience as a gang investigator and proven leader, along with his willingness to work collaboratively with regional law enforcement agencies makes him the only safe choice for Sheriff in 2018."

“Unfortunately, the current Sheriff has failed to place a priority on protecting Riverside County from gang violence, thereby putting citizens at risk.  Fortunately for Riverside County citizens, Chief Dave Brown does place a priority on combatting gang activity with proven results.” Pacheco concluded.

According to the District Attorney’s annual report on gang activity, under Chief Brown’s leadership, the Hemet-San Jacinto region has reduced the number of gang members by 39% over the last 3 years.

Upon receiving news of the endorsement, Chief Dave Brown issued the following statement:  “As District Attorney, Rod Pacheco initiated a number of innovative and effective law enforcement strategies.  He was a tough and effective prosecutor and he served our county incredibly well for close to three decades.  I am honored to have his support and endorsement.”

Rod Pacheco is the former District Attorney of Riverside County. Pacheco began his career as a Deputy District Attorney, rising to Chief Deputy District Attorney, Assistant District Attorney, and eventually was elected District Attorney. In all, he served as a prosecutor for Riverside County for twenty years. He was also elected to the California State Assembly in 1996 and served until 2002 whereupon he returned to the District Attorney’s Office. .

Pacheco joins a growing list of key endorsements announced by Chief Brown that include retired Sheriff-Coroner Bob Doyle, Board of Supervisors Chairman John Tavaglione, Vice-Chairman Chuck Washington and the Murrieta Police Officers Association.