From the desk of



April 19, 2018


Sheriff Stanley Sniff
Riverside County Sheriff’s Department
4095 Lemon Street
Riverside, CA 92501

Dear Sheriff Sniff,

As a lifetime resident of Riverside County and a 30-year law enforcement professional, I am calling on you to immediately begin publicly reporting the release dates of all inmates in your custody.  The recently enacted “Sanctuary State Law” (SB-54) has created a serious threat to public safety by limiting your ability to communicate with Federal law enforcement agencies.  Since your announcement that you intend to passively “comply with the law” you have been releasing dangerous undocumented criminals, who are wanted by Federal agents, into our neighborhoods.  As our elected Sheriff, we expect you to find legal solutions to bad laws that endanger our communities. 

I applaud Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens for her leadership on this issue.  As you know, Sheriff Hutchens and her team recently began publishing the release dates of all inmates, making Orange County a safer place for everyone.  The Orange County policy is excellent public policy for two reasons.  First, it allows Federal authorities to apprehend undocumented criminals in secure locations.  Under your policy, Immigration and Customs Enforcement authorities are going into our neighborhoods to arrest these criminals, jeopardizing the safety of the whole community.  Secondly, the publishing of all inmate release dates will help local law enforcement, crime victims and the community at large better deal with your early release of so many violent and dangerous criminals from your jail.  

On behalf of millions of law-abiding Riverside County residents, we are looking to you to provide leadership in dealing with the negative and dangerous impacts of SB-54.  Sheriff Hutchens provided a good start, please follow her lead and help protect our communities today!  



Dave Brown
Chief of Police [Ret.]